Dedalo Service | Virtual Assistance
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Virtual Assistance


Take your time and begin to delegate in order to lighten your workload.

Are you a person looking for someone who can help you to solve some paperwork business and don’t know how to do? Are you a busy freelance or a busy entrepreneur frustrated and overwhelmed for not having enough time to reach your goals? Are you a doctor spending many hours in the surgery and need someone to help you to manage your appointment calendar? Are you doing new projects and do you need someone to manage the administrative aspects? Maybe it’s time for you to delegate someone who can support your business to reach your goal.

The solution for you is the virtual office manager.

Dedaloservice helps people to complete a term of office every day, the fact is that they have no time or they don’t know how to do. Dedaloservice gives support to freelancers and entrepreneurs in every aspect of their business where they can delegate in order to lighten and simplify their work and have their time management.

  • Administrative support services online and offline in the public administration (inps, inail, sanita’, enasarco).
  • Present request for the opening of a new business activity.
  • Healthcare consulting (how to do to obtain legal disability, the rights of the ill persons).
  • Admin support to medical practice and dental surgery.
  • Online research (we search the web for valuable content and solutions).
  • Appointments calendar management (booking,  organise conventions, conferences and trips)
  • General admin support: word processing, mailings, spreadsheets, email management, data entry.
  • Assistance in business relation with other countries mainly with Hungary, Romania and all the English speaking countries (customer service in contacting foreign clients and suppliers starting from the negotiation to the shipping).
  • Translations and interpreting and technical and environmental consulting


  • Our hourly rates: General Services online include administrative and secretarial: € 30/hour
  • General Services online and offline: € 39,/hour
  • Specialist Services and Consultancy: € 45,/hour
  • We prefer to create tailor-made packages for every customer (hourly or monthly rates).

Why should you work with a virtual assistant? who is the virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant (va) is a self-employed and provides professional, administrative, technical or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. Virtual assistants are independent entrepreneurs who work remotely and use technology to deliver services to clients globally.

Benefits for our clients:

Clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits, except in the context that those indirect expenses are included in the va’s fees. Clients also avoid the logistical problem of providing extra office space, equipments or supplies. We offer virtual administrative support tailored to our clients needs. Monthly retainers are some of our most popular options. We do offer hourly rates too for clients that would like to avoid any monthly commitments. Contact us to discuss the details of our rates and packages and get a customized quote for your needs.

Why should you choose dedaloservice?

Our maxim is: “seriousness, accuracy, precision and honesty always at our clients’ service”.

Behind the scenes are Matilda Seres, born in Hungary and moved to Italy since 1989 and Luisa Zamin from Treviso. We both come from different fields, Matilda worked as translator, interpreter and foreign trade supervisor; Luisa worked as architect, town planner and environmental consultant. We met while working in the administrative healthcare field. Both have linguistic and artistic skills with a working experience of more than 25 years as employees. Then the turning point arrived and the start of our work as freelance professional. Thanks to internet we can do our work online from our office and for this reason we decide to combine our skills and passions: different cultures and languages, art and environment, offering our services also abroad.